Signature Animation

A personal touch for your video
Add a personal message to your viewers at the end of your video with your own handwritten signature or your hand-drawn sketch, or a looping animation of your signature at the end of your post on your website.To get started, just write a short message, your name or your signature on a piece of paper, scan or take a nice picture of it and send it to me.
The design I will provide will reproduce exactly the artwork of the signature you sent to me and the animation will show the natural motion of your writing.
Attention to details
When handwriting your name, your handwriting stroke will vary with the pressure and speed of the marker on the paper and the amplitude of curves you are drawing, and the track will merge on several places:
No software can automatically reproduce this artwork made by hand.
To achieve this, the artwork must be split into several parts which will be animated one after the other to allow you at the end, to get a very realistic and beautiful animation.
Never hesitate to get in touch for more information.
Let’s give life to your message!