Signature Animation

Your handwriting and signature are a snapshot of your personality.

The pressure of the marker on the paper and the curves that you draw while writing your name reflect exactly who you are.

You use your name and your signature to mark everything you are proud of, to sign on official documents, to give autographs to your fans, to show the world that you are successful… and why not have it in your videos?

Take advantage of the magic power of video: Your name will appear by reproducing your writing movement, as if you were writing on the screens of your viewers, live. A little extra that will make your message impactful and memorable.

Your animated signature would work perfectly as an intro to your video to strengthen brand recognition or as an outro to send a short message to your customers or to invite them to visit your social media platforms.

Get your animated signature today!


For a better rendering, take a large marker with round or beveled tip. Remember, the charm of your signature is largely due to variations in the thickness of your curves and line’s irregularities, pure result of human imperfections.

Write your name on a piece of white paper, with your best handwriting. Scan or take a nice photo of your signature and send it as an attachment via the quote request form below.

Send us the form and you will receive our detailed quote within 24 hours with all information for making the payment.


Once we receive your payment confirmation, you will receive a Dropbox link within 48 hours where you can download your animated signature, a white animated signature for dark background and a black animated signature for light background.
You will get the following files:

– a high definition video file in 1920 x 1080px format (to be inserted as an overlay with transparent background in your existing video)
– A file in GIF format for your emails or social networks
– A JSON format file to publish on the pages of your website.

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