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A video scribing, or whiteboard animation, is a video that brings drawings and text to life with a hand drawn animation, on a digital canvas.
Your audience is instantly put into learning mode as they recognise the teaching style of a whiteboard.

It’s obvious that visual content is crucial in the process of explaining difficult concepts.
Because we’re visual learners and graphics such as charts, designs, icons and graphs, help us understand and memorize hard information. And what about if you add motion to that? The potential of motion graphics in the communication and learning process is simply huge!

Video Coming soon!
Video Coming soon!
Video Coming soon!

The price of a whiteboard animation depends on many factors. Since each video is different, it is better to analyze your project and your expectations before giving a quotation.  Here below are the factors which impact the price:


The longer a video is, the more drawings and animation work will be required. Nevertheless, a short animation can be more expensive than a long one if some sequences require frame to frame animation for example.


Animation can range from simple appearance of drawings  to cartoon style animation which require frame to frame animation sequences,  for much more complex movements. It would then be more expensive as it would require more  time  to develop.


The voice-over is used to support the visual and to improve the understanding of a subject. However, its recording by a professional actor has a cost that depends mainly on the length of the recording.

Background music and sound effects:

This is the choice of music and sound effects work. We will generally opt for stock music, the price of which will depend on the track and the broadcasting range (internal, web, tv, etc…).


Simply fill out the quote request form where you will give a brief description of your project. It is a matter of determining your needs and expectations:
present your company, explain a product or service, make a tutorial, etc…
Define the target audience and budget
Identify the distribution platforms (web, internal communication, TV or others).

You will indicate in the form if your video will have a voice-over. This voice-over will be created from the script, made to explain textually the course of the animated video.You know well your company, your product or your service, so you are in the best position to describe your project and to prepare a complete script, which you can submit to us for


Your script will allow us to make the storyboard, which is a breakdown of the script of your animation where each scene is illustrated by drawings. It allows us to define the actions, the location of the different drawings, the movements and the transitions.


Based on the storyboard, we start the production of all the drawings of the animation video. We will submit them to you for approval before
starting the animation.


The voice-over is an important element of your video, it will always be done by a professional actor. Here are some voice demos you can choose from.

Sound effects & background music:

Along with the animation, we offer you several choices of stock music, in adequacy with your project. Once the animation is validated and the music chosen, we proceed with the sound design. We then insert the music and sound effects into the project.


When the graphic and sound elements are finished and validated, we then proceed to their animation according to the pre-established storyboard. Once completed, we submit a first version of the animation and make any final adjustments before final delivery.

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