Logo Animation

Why Raysys for your animated logo ?

There are a multitude of platforms offering a wide variety of predefined animation templates and all you have to do is put your logo on them and you’re done.
The disadvantage is that many companies and individuals use these platforms and you may end up with the same logo animation as many of your competitors.
I’m sure that you do NOT want that!!!

Your animated logo must be UNIQUE and PERSONAL.

As an illustrator and motion designer, I give life to your static logo by making its animated version from the original file of your logo.

I start by isolating the different parts of your logo to animate them independently.

I then create mini cartoon or motion design sequences, accompanied by music and sound effects so that the appearance of the logo reveals your company’s activities in a few seconds.

The animations thus created are ORIGINAL and UNIQUE, an excellent introduction for your marketing or presentation videos.

Animated logo to display your activities

Use your logo to show your activities in seconds in a fun and memorable way.

Animated logo to present your entity

Use your logo to describe your entity or organization in seconds in an attractive way.

Animated logo to deploy your identity with style

Use your logo to deploy your visual identity in a few seconds in a dynamic and surprising way.

Animated logo to highlight your mission

Use your logo to illustrate and highlight your mission in seconds with panache.

Animated logo to illustrate your corporate name

Use your logo to illustrate in a few seconds, the name, the corporate name of your company in an impactful way.

Animated logo to spread a message or call to action

Use your logo to spread your message, your slogan and your website in a few seconds in an entertaining and unforgettable way.

How to proceed

Simply fill out the quote request form at the bottom of the page and attach the file of your logo to be animated.

Seeing your logo will allow me to give you a detailed quotation and to describe you, with the help of a very precise storyboard, 2 proposals of the most adapted animation.

After acceptance of the quote, you will receive :
*** A link to make the payment via a secure Mollie platform.

*** A Dropbox link for you to send me the original file of your logo in high resolution (300 DPI minimum) to make the final animation with a high quality rendering.

As soon as we receive your payment confirmation, the final animation will be launched and you will receive a link of your animated logo for confirmation within 2 working days.
When you are fully satisfied with the animation, you will receive a Dropbox link where you can download your animated logo.
You will then receive:

  • a file in high definition video format 1920 x 1080 px (mp4) of your logo, which you can insert at the beginning of your video (intro) or at the end of it (outro).
  • An animated version reduced to GIF format for an avatar broadcast on social networks or on your website.

Give life to your logo today !