Motion design Video

Fully Customized Video

A motion design video is the art of giving life to images to convey a message in a dynamic way.Those images are animated and synchronized on a voice-over. Sound elements (background music and sound effects) are also added.

Our drawing skills allow us to provide you a fully customized and UNIQUE motion graphics video with all graphic elements specially designed for you: Your animated logo, custom animated icons and your handwritten signature at the end of your video will all tell your story in a funny and appealing way.

Custom animated hands

Your video will benefit customized animated left and right hands branded with your logo or your pattern on the wrist.

The hands will drag elements across the screen, swipe them away and manipulate tools.

The hands can be made in different skin color or neutral ( as gloves )

Video with custom animated hands

Animated hands are a great asset for video animation when you need to explain a complex process.

In this video, I use animated hands to show how an animated signature is made and to explain the order process of a video project with animated signature.

Video without voice-over

Video is simply a visual medium, and narration isn’t the only way to get your point accross.

This video shows the benefits of JSON animation compared to GIF animation on a webpage, using only on-screen text, colorful images and some sound effects.

Video with voice-over

Most explainer videos rely on a narrator, where images are animated and synchronized on a voice-over.

This video is a Happy New Year greeting card, using motion images and a voice-over.

Let’s give life to your message!